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VICTRICES BOOKS blog section! If you are here… expect honest reviews, book news, book recommendations, our favorite magazines, etc.

Victrices books is an online book boutique in Ghana that focus on female authors.

Our goal is to INSPIRE females to read and discuss compelling books, our communal feel is what makes us unique and brings women together to share a common passion through reading. 

All members of the book club read the same book over the same period; members then meet up at the end of each month to discuss the book and exchange views with conversations. These meet ups provide a very relaxed atmosphere for women to meet other like-minded women over a drink and share a common passion. 

We know how it feels to buy a book, finish it and you don’t know what to do with it. So…. we knew this would be a great idea. You can now rent any book that’s featured on our social media or our blog(GHANA ONLY). If you’re interested in renting a book, kindly comment in the section below or DM us on Instagram. 

We are based in Accra, Ghana. We have a wide range of compelling books written by women. Send us an email or visit our IG if you are interested in buying a book/books from us.

Read While Giving Back (5% of our total revenue goes to a female NGO in Africa.)

Recommended Books

If you have any recommendations, don’t be shy. Share them in the comments section below.