Q&A with MATHITHIA – Her Musical Debut

We got the opportunity to sit down and have a q&a with Mathithia, the conversation revolves around her music career and her musical debut. She uses her gift of singing to spread the word of God and expresses her love for him.

You just made your musical debut, releasing your first single, can you tell us briefly what
your music is about, and what inspired you to pursue a career in music?
My music is centered around Jesus Christ the savior of the world. Making music is one thing,
but singing about how you have personally encountered a God that can turn your life around
is different. To answer your question as to what Inspired me it would have to be my
relationship with Jesus Christ; let me give you an example, when you found out a skincare
product worked wonders on your skin, wouldn’t you want to tell everyone about it? Exactly,
my personal encounter led me to release this first single entitled ‘I’ll Put You On Display’
which is a public testament to me putting my God on display for the world to see, He is good,
He is kind and He is love.

Tell us a bit about your childhood. Did you grow up in a Christian household? Is that
what propelled you to become a Christian singer?
I cannot deny that I grew up in a Christian home because I did. What really propelled me is
how God has been so kind to me and getting to know him for myself. I see it this way, God
has given me this gift and what I’m choosing to do is my gift back to him.

As a young adult in today’s social climate, how do you balance your faith with the
demands of the music industry and the world?
It is not easy to preach Jesus to a world that rejects him, however, I do believe that through
the help of the Holy Spirit which is found behind every song, this generation will get to know
God for themselves. There may be demands in the music world, but Christ comes before
anything, the Gospel of Jesus Christ comes before anything.

I’m sure you have come across a few situations that have tested your faith as a Christian
in the music industry. What challenges have you faced as a young female Christian
singer in today’s music industry and how did you overcome them?
Declaring that Jesus is Lord for the whole world to hear puts you in a certain category that
not so many people are willing to put in. When Jesus carried his cross he did that for you
publicly, I’m willing to carry my cross everywhere including my music. We are told to go into
the world and preach the Gospel, just like Moses when he asked God what will I say in front
of Pharaoh and God told him he will tell him what to say, I do not have all the answers but
the Holy Spirit equips me with the courage and strength to do what I do.

What is one word that you can use to describe your new song?

What is the ultimate message you hope to convey to your listeners through your new
song? When you fall he will pick you up, do not think you are too dirty or too far gone to go back.
God wants you to come back, he wants you to repent and be washed in his blood, your sin is
not big enough for God. He is a faithful father and he will lead you to the path of

What advice do you have for other aspiring young Christian adults who want to pursue
Do it. There is a reason God has planted the seed in you, it is so that you will bear fruit and
share it with others. It is not meant for yourself but to bring glory to God, trust him and he will
lead you.

Who would you say have been your biggest supporter(s) from the beginning of you
becoming a Christian artist?
My friends and my family have supported me every step of the way by praying for me.

Tell me what inspired the vision and storytelling behind your music video?
I wanted to put my God on display, he has created this wonderful world we live in. My
inspiration would really have to be found in Genesis when God declared let there be light.
For the lighthouse the Bible verse that inspired me was Matthew 5:14: You are the light of
the world- like a city on the hilltop that cannot be hidden.
Another thing that inspired me was the series “Chosen”.

Last but not least, what do you think of VICTRICES as a community?
I think Victrices mission is to show how much potential and how special women are. We are
not perfect but we have a lot to offer and through God’s help he will help us achieve our
callings and become the best versions of ourselves that we can be. That Proverbs 31

Check out her music video,  “I’ll put you on display”