Take the stand

Very few times do women get what they want in life. Most women dream of having the dream
job, with a house and kids and the man of their dreams. Safe to say it’s easier said than done. Often times we feel like we’re meant to choose between one or the other.

Usually, we’re on the right path within our dream career. You get the job you love then one day
we bump into a seemingly nice guy and he sweeps you off your feet. Fast forward 4 years, everything has been going well, until now.
You just got your big break in your career and landed that major role you’ve been pinning for. You’re so excited to tell your boo and celebrate together. You’re too busy thinking about how you two can finally move into a house together and start a life and family. You think this is it. Until you tell him and he is anything but happy for you. He tells you he doesn’t want you to take the job, as he just got laid off and doesn’t want you to be the major breadwinner of the house. He doesn’t want to move to your new job. His answer is just no to everything and he gets angrier as he says it.

He tells you to call your boss and turn down the offer. You tell him no because you already accepted it. This is the true test of your relationship. He forces you to choose between your dream job and him and you spend the next month arguing. He walks around with a bad attitude gradually getting more verbally abusive until something inside him snaps one day and he turns to physical violence.

He breaks your favorite lamp, he tries to turn off your credit cards and empty your bank account. He has no access to your hidden funds. The day comes for you to leave for the new job and he is on a rampage worse than ever before. It hits you that this job was a blessing in disguise as a way out of a toxic relationship from an abusive partner. This is your chance to leave, get on a plane, and never look back. You realize you have a chance at a new life with a better job and an opportunity to meet new people and start over.

The main thing to realize is that the right person will support you and be happy for all your goals and dreams. The right person will share your hopes of settling down to have a family with you and will be able to combine your lives no matter what career changes happen. The right one won’t have any desire to hold you back and will be willing to take the journey with you. 


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