The Value of a Black Woman

Today, the hardest word for a black woman to accomplish is love; not giving it but receiving it. Everything in this world is stacked against a black woman and we have to learn to survive and live beyond it.

When it comes to love, the hardest part is finding someone who is willing to give you the same support and devotion you give. Black women have always been disposable to the world. 

We’re only valued when we make ourselves look like fools fighting each other or fighting to be the main woman in a man’s life only to be baby mama number four. They love to say a black woman can’t keep a man, but really they can’t keep us. 

For a black woman, there’s always that one love to change everything. This is the love that puts life into perspective for us, it makes you realize at a certain point what you won’t tolerate. It can seem easy to fall back into the same cycle once we’ve been hurt until we find ourselves on the same emotional hamster wheel time and time again. 

The cycle only continues as long as you allow it. Black women are the most forgotten and disrespected to this day, and still, we always love as hard as we can. The main realization to come to is when you feel like you’ve had enough. The ‘I’m Sorry’ can only mean so much without any changed behavior, otherwise, it loses its meaning. 

As black women, the strongest, deepest, and truest love we’ll find is the love we give to ourselves. To understand that we have more to offer than just being owned and barring children. To know that with the love we have to give comes stability and strength. To love a black woman is to understand a black woman. 

To be able to love a black woman the way she deserves to be loved, you have to be willing to come into her life and add on to the love she gives herself. Today, the best time for a black woman is to be single, in this time she finds new parts of herself she didn’t know existed. She discovers new passions. She understands what she wants and what she is looking for in a partner. A black woman needs someone who will fight alongside her, not against her. To be her warrior in battle, to get up and fight back when she gets knocked down. 

With so much of the world against her, be the one who’s on her side. The kind of love and balance a black woman has to offer doesn’t come around often. It’s the love that is to be valued.

Treat a black woman like gold and the values of life and love will constantly increase.


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