Being a woman, I am expected to remain silent unless I am given permission. I am expected to clean, to cook, hell! to bear children just cause I have a vagina. Women all over the world are having their voices silenced just because we are of a different gender, we are seen as “weak”, something less than what we are, we are treated not as equals to men but as though we should be under them.

I could be in my early 20’s running a business that I created and I would hear things like how can she be running a business when she is not even married, like my being successful somehow has anything to do with my marital status.

If it was a man in this position, he would be seen as focused, hardworking, and he would be praised for being able to have achieved success at such a young age but as a woman, my sex affects how I am perceived.

I am not allowed to be treated with respect just cause I am not attached to a man, just cause he is not somehow involved in my success. 

I get in an argument with a man and he beats me, I am told you shouldn’t have provoked him, that it is my fault that he hit me, if it was the other way around though and I hit him, I would be told that I lack home training, that I should have been patient, that I should have been silent because apparently women are not allowed to have their voices heard and they are not allowed to be angry because its “unbecoming”. I cheat on my partner and I am considered a slut, I am told, women shouldn’t do that, they have no right to look at another man. I should be ashamed of myself. If a man cheats on a woman though, I am told to forgive, to deal with it because it’s my fault that he is looking elsewhere, that it is in a man’s nature to cheat so I should be more understanding. Men are oftentimes not criticized for the wrongs that they do and society just keeps making excuses for them but if women are the ones who did the wrong they are ostracised by the world. 

I need to work ten times harder than men because in reality society can’t deal with the fact that women are not the weak as they have been told people to believe, I am told what I can or cannot wear, I am seen as just a pretty face and if I try to do anything about it, I am seen as a trouble maker, I am told to leave things as they are. I have my right to speak up taken away, 

I am not even given the platform to speak out or to impact change, I am strong, I am beautiful, I am anything I wish to be, I am female.


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